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About Misery Bay Green Relief Co

Misery Bay Green Relief Handmade Hemp & Herbal Products, Erie PA Order on line & Pick up Locally Local retailers are also listed online

Our mission: We provide our Erie Community with safe, reliable, and affordable all natural, handmade hemp and herbal products in efforts to educate and dispel the stigma of the Cannabis Sativa hemp plant.

Misery Bay Green Relief CBD Hemp Oil - Hemp derived CBD has earned a reputation of being a great pain reliever. It offers a natural way to aide in common maladies such as indigestion, headaches, cold and flu aches, muscle aches and pains, joint pain, nervousness. CBD helping many chronic illnesses by relieving pain, inflammation, or anxiety, to name only a few. It is also showing to restore metabolic balance, aid in weight loss, controlling diabetes, depression, nausea, smoking cessation, digestive disorders. Furthermore, with its antispasmodic qualities, it helps relieve tremors, seizures, and withdrawals.

WHY CHOOSE OUR CBD? Our CBD Hemp Oil is different from the rest. It works reliably, consistently, and each product has handmade quality control. We saw many companies coming locally to Erie, PA, with fancy marketing and packaging, pyramid schemes and high prices. We heard of mold and residual solvent sicknesses. We heard marketing false truths being said about products. Our fear is that these practices will get Hemp banned once again and by no fault of its own! We wanted to bring you quality CBD, simple packaging, and offer various natural ways to get CBD benefit, all while, spreading education and dispelling Cannabis myths and stigmas. We are involved with our product from seed to shelf and know our supplier well. We have done the homework and research for you and bring quality CBD to the Erie County Area at the best prices we can. If you are from Erie, we want you to know we are too. We hope you give it a try.

Thank you! Jeanne J Ardillo, Owner Misery Bay Green Relief Co., Misery Bay Green Relief Co. For further questions, information, and ordering